Wind Tunnel Marketing

Some years ago, with increasing globalisation, there was a drive to identify best demonstrated practice, to codify it and coach it. We developed acronyms, characterful shapes and ring-bound folders. We attended conferences, bunjee jumped together and went home with wittily sloganned T-shirts.

With the pressure at Board Room to demonstrate ROI, we became obsessed with proof and measurement, with norms and traffic light systems. What gets measured gets done and what gets green gets made.

Now of course the development of a common Marketing language and a culture of effectiveness has to be a good thing. But few noticed, as the industry professionalized, that the Cavaliers were being marginalised. A steady stream of mavericks made their way to the exit door, their hitherto precious gut instinct no longer deemed valuable.

Another one from BBH Lab. It’s pretty admirable for a chairman of the agency to put this out there, and there’s a follow-up.

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