The Power and Parils of Participation

Sage advice from BBH Labs.


2. 365 is still a better number than 360. Better to concentrate on the eco-system of your idea, the relationship between activity on different platforms and also how it plays out over time in daily conversation, than worrying if it lives in every single channel, ticks every box.

4. Short time-frame communications events are the ‘new’ campaigns. Think Burberry 3D globally integrated, social shows once a season and of course Old Spice: 186 videos produced in a 48 hour awesome binge of a Response campaign, then a gracious bowing out. Ditto Ben & Jerry’s 100 fair trades. By definition you can’t continuously maintain a ‘spike’ when activity is this intense. Nowadays it’s about having an ongoing bedrock of conversational and transactional marketing in owned and earned media, with timely new releases that play a vital role in fuelling and broadening that interaction.

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