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Introducing Google Catalogs

You’d expect this from Apple, but Google just upped their game by releasing a Catalog app that aggregates the world’s leading retail brands into your tablets. A new interactive shopping experience with Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Sephora and many many others.

The Mill Touch

Just lovely.


“An openly experimental newsroom,” Beta620 is the New York Times’ new platform for interactive and other projects, suggesting a new, unprecedented level of transparency for the brand.

Sapporo Shadow Sumos

Fun use of Xbox Kinect. By Dentsu Sapporo.

The story behind… The Wilderness Downtown

All very tech-geek-chic.

More at TheFWA.

More on Google+

Feels, looks and sounds great.

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Google+: Google’s take on Social Media

Google fights back with their very own version of Facebook, a.k.a Google+ and Engadget were the first lucky few to get their hands on it, check it out here.

via Engadget



The new Nintendo Wii U pairs a more powerful, 1080p-capable Wii-like box with a controller sporting a 6.2-inch touchscreen, two analog sticks, a stylus, a front-facing camera, a full complement of buttons, an accelerometer and gyroscope, rumble capabilities, a microphone, and stereo speakers.

Weird and wonderful i must say.

McDonalds Interactive Outdoor Pong

Love the fact that you didn’t need to download an app to play.

Intel’s Museum of Me

A week in and I realized no one posted this yet. So here it is: Museum of Me. This went Supersonic last week. Facebook is the museum of you, if you look back at all your data.

What happens when you introduce the Kinect to Machinima?

It’s like having a homebrew Avatar rig.

Google Rent Project

We had a similar idea for the burgeoning property market in Singapore. Great start by students Gabriel Kolisch and Isabelle Pipitone.

Google Chromebook

Now where can I get one?

New Chrome Experiment using WebGL. Best viewed on Google Chrome.

**Update**: Behind the technology.

Social Memories. Your Facebook book

Via Adverblog.