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Displair: Computer screen made out of air

Take a sneak peek at Web Lab – Google’s latest Chrome Experiment launching later this summer

Project Glass: One day… by Google

Yahoo! Axis – A new way to search and browse

How close are we to experiencing the technology used in Minority Report? Introducing the next big Leap.

FWA People’s Choice Award 2011

Cast your vote for the best digital work of 2011 from 12 finalists in the FWA People’s Choice Award 2011.

eBay: Give-A-Toy Window Installation

A really cool and interactive way to evoke the spirit of giving this Christmas.

Coke Encourage-meter

Great idea from Ogilvy Buenos Aires.
Make enough noise to keep the screen on.

Productivity Future Vision (2011)

Microsoft Office’s follow-up to 2009′s Sustainability video.

Water Projection Mapping

Now that’s fresh.
For Nike Jordan Melo launch.

The future of toys?

AppMATes are a new line of toys that comes to life digitally when used with an Apple iPad, allowing kids to use the tablet’s screen as a virtual play mat.

Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle

Online gamers have achieved a feat beyond the realm of Second Life or Dungeons and Dragons: they have deciphered the structure of an enzyme of an AIDS-like virus that had thwarted scientists for a decade.

Read more here.

Marty McFly’s Nike MAG Sneakers

More at Fast Company.

Google Chromebooks – Beat The Boot

To promote the boot speed of the new Chromebooks, Google turned to North Kingdom for this nifty app.

Chromebooks are laptops equipped with Google’s ChromeOS operative system. No more than 8 seconds is required to load your favorite websites.

How fast are you?

Wacom introduces Inkling

A new digital sketch pen that captures a digital likeness of your work while you sketch with its ballpoint tip on any sketchbook or standard piece of paper.

Available Mid-September.