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Graffiti Wars 2011

A Channel 4 docu on the ongoing battle between (fans of) King Robbo and Banksy, which all started when Banksy painted over the oldest piece of graffiti in London.

If this video is blocked in your country, use this. :)

Stocking is the New Planking

Find a nice stock photo and copy that. Stocking is the New Planking.

Hot Wheels Secret Race Battle

One of the coolest projection mapping projects I’ve seen.

Transforming a geiser in Portugal into an installation.

Very cool!

Night Lights

Hellicar & Lewis produced and art directed a large scale interactive installation for the rebrand of NZ Telecom at the Ferry Building, Auckland, New Zealand.

Hellicar & Lewis.

SMS Slingshot

Projection Mapping

I’ve seen a lot of video’s with architectural projection mapping lately. I would like to share this with you: Kraftwork in Autostadt. Created by Seeper, check out their site.

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