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Watch this for an optimistic Thursday.

A chance of Luck @Ogilvy


Every three months, with the first wave starting in July, eight fortunate and talented creatives will be chosen. They will be tasked with creating disruptive thinking while working with some of the best minds in the business.

To be in with a chance of succeeding, interested candidates need to create ‘a sell yourself video’ and submit that along with three pieces of their best work as well as their CV.

Generation Sell

Today’s ideal social form is not the commune or the movement or even the individual creator as such; it’s the small business. Every artistic or moral aspiration — music, food, good works, what have you — is expressed in those terms.

Call it Generation Sell.

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Paul Rand + Steve Jobs

Read that third paragraph. Steve Heller shares a facsimile of Paul Rand’s presentation book of the NeXT logo to Steve Jobs. This is how Rand presented logos: A single solution backed by smart reasoning. See all pages at the link.

5 Secrets to Pixar’s Success

Oren Jacob, the former chief technical officer of Pixar, provides a rare glimpse into company culture.

Read: The Inside Story: 5 Secrets To Pixar’s Success

[Illustration by Jonathan Gabrio, copyright Jump Associates]

The story behind… The Wilderness Downtown

All very tech-geek-chic.

More at TheFWA.

TEDxSingapore: Esther Tan – All Women’s Everest Team


After an arduous 5-year journey of planning, training and fund-raising; Esther and her teammates created history for the nation by being the first Singaporean women to summit the highest mountain in the world on 20 May 2009.
We are very proud to have her with us at Ogilvy Singapore. :)

Steal Some Glory

Seven young people from Ogilvy offices across 2 continents – Asia & Latin America – are embarking on a mission: To transcend boundaries and bring Cannes to you. Steal Some Glory.

Don’t get “siloed” to death

John Jay (W+K) talks about his creative process. Produced by Fast Company.

The fear of failure

To promote their graduation exhibition in May, students from Berghs School of Communication invited leading figures in the creative world to discuss their ‘fear of failure’. Via CR Blog.

Milton Glaser

Paulo Coelho

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Be Your Own Souvenir

Very cool project in Barcelona. Get a full 360-degree scan with openKinect > 3D printer outputs a mini version of You.

How did a British polytechnic graduate become the design genius behind £200billion Apple?

“It’s about the leader of a company valuing design and the leader of design valuing the company,” says Thomas Meyerhoffer, who worked in Ive’s design team for three years commenting on the Jobs-Ives relationship.

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