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Great Brands Are About Fusing Product And Service. How Do You Do It?

From Co.Design, good read.

Few others have architected the same control of their product ecosystem. Still, the takeaway is that all companies must adopt a focus on integrating brand with product and service. From those that do it well (Amazon, Tiffany & Co.) to those that still need fine-tuning (Facebook, Walmart), all brands are challenged to consistently deliver coherent and satisfying product and service experiences to customers.

Companies need to start thinking about the holistic experience between their brands, products, and services. Crafting an experience requires design that considers these three elements of brand, product, and service in order to generate successful results. Any company can be analyzed through these lenses to evaluate the experience it creates for its customers.

Put another way, a product is an experience that occurs in the moment. A service is a relationship that extends over time and across platforms and mediums. A brand is much more than the logo; it is the pattern our brains expect based on everything we have previously heard, seen, and felt. All of these components roll up into the larger experience.

a brand’s voice and promise should inform the products that are built and the surrounding services that are delivered to customers.

Paul Rand + Steve Jobs

Read that third paragraph. Steve Heller shares a facsimile of Paul Rand’s presentation book of the NeXT logo to Steve Jobs. This is how Rand presented logos: A single solution backed by smart reasoning. See all pages at the link.

Rockstar Designers

DKNG Studios created these beautiful videos out of the process of designing posters. Here are 2 examples.
For more info and pictures visit their blog or vimeo.

Design Film Festival 2011 (Singapore)

Tickets on sale now. Old School, 03 – 20 November 2011.

Marty McFly’s Nike MAG Sneakers

More at Fast Company.

ADC Young Guns 9

Winners announced! Includes Singapore’s very own Silnt. Congratulations Felix!

The Mill Touch

Just lovely.

Diet Coke gets a new look

Adweek gets first peek at the new Diet Coke can design coming this fall.

Possibly the best film production company today

Post Panic!

I Have A Room With Everything

Held from 23 July to 5 August 2011 at Night & Day Gallery, ‘I HAVE A ROOM WITH EVERYTHING’ is the first graphic design exhibition in Singapore featuring some of the best existing as well as out-of-print material, to celebrate the true beauty of Print.

Interactive Sound Posters

“Every Image has a Sound” for Saxofunny (Sound Production Company). By DM9DDB.

The Art of Print

THEARTISTANDHISMODEL collects the best of Design.

The Pitch

The Pitch: The Game of Graphic Design by Fatimah Kabba. Finally, we can put away Monopoly.

Cuban Council 1911

The now legendary Cuban Council returns with a brand new site. I used to visit the news aggregator k10k when I started my career. Awesome to find out today that they designed the Facebook logo.

Specializing in handcrafted quality with meticulous attention to detail, the SF/NY group has relaunched their own website, leading with the notion that the company has been making websites since 1911. – Cuban Council @thefwa

Finally – A Zombie-Proof House.

Complete with retractable drawbridge and firewalls. Danger is everywhere.

Zombie Backyard