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The Pencil Rankings

The One Club and D&AD have joined forces to provide a creative ranking system for the advertising, design, interactive and communications industries at large.

At its heart is a simple mechanism: The Pencil Rankings, which are based entirely on how creative work has performed in the two most highly-regarded, rigorously-judged, not-for-profit shows in the world. The Pencil Rankings was developed between the two non-profit organizations to reflect a joint declaration of creative ideals and standards.

The Art of the Title Sequence.

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Logan Reel 2010

The latest reel from the always amazing LOGAN.

The Ted Commandments in Advertising.

The formula that makes Ted so successful will work for your ad campaigns too. The Ted rules don’t just apply when speaking to Ted audiences, but to all. Follow the Ted Commandments in your next ad campaign and you’ll be assured of followers.

And when it comes to presenting your idea to clients, there’s also much to be learned from Ted talks. In a nutshell: Don’t talk for more than 18 minutes. Keep your central idea simple. Be visual. Use big pictures. Ban bullet points. Write no more than a few words on a slide. And remember to flatter your audience.

16 Classic Influence Tactics. Which one will you use in your campaign?

This is Marwell & Schmitt’s Taxonomy of 16 influence tactics and dates back to 1967. It is still a very useful tool for modern day planners and creatives who are thinking of a way to change a consumer’s behaviour. Try them all over time. Try them all at once, for the same brief. Write ads in each approach and see which one wil get the job done best. Enjoy.

I’ll reward you if you do it. “I’ll throw in a pair of speakers if you buy it today.” “Thanks! I’ll make certain your manager knows how helpful you were.”

I’ll punish you if you don’t do it. “If you don’t buy it today, I won’t be able to offer you this special incentive price again.” “If I can’t get it at that price tomorrow, then I’ll take my business elsewhere.”

Positive Expertise
Speaking as an authority on the subject, I can tell you that rewards will occur if you do X, because of the nature of reality. “If you start working out at our gym regularly, you’ll find that people are more attracted to you physically.”

Negative Expertise
Speaking as an authority on the subject, I can tell you that punishments will occur if you do Y, because of the nature of reality. “If you don’t buy it today, you may never get another chance–our stock is almost sold out.”

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For the exposition 140 Hits in Art, 140 artists were asked to redesign the sleeve of their favourite song. Woes van Haaften chose ‘Tour de France’, a track by Kraftwerk. In his design, he trimmed the artwork of the original sleeve down to the bare essentials, rendering instant recognition.
Have a look.

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