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Generation Sell

Today’s ideal social form is not the commune or the movement or even the individual creator as such; it’s the small business. Every artistic or moral aspiration — music, food, good works, what have you — is expressed in those terms.

Call it Generation Sell.

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Stocking is the New Planking

Find a nice stock photo and copy that. Stocking is the New Planking.

How FB affects you and your relationships

An interesting infographic. Click on image below to embiggen!

Color Looks To Reinvent Social Interaction With Its Mobile Photo App (And $41 Million In Funding)

$41 million. From Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital, and Silicon Valley Bank. Pre-launch.

That’s how much a brand new startup called Color has to work with. Your eyebrows should already be raised, and here’s something to keep them fixed there: this is the most money Sequoia has ever invested in a pre-launch startup. Or, as the Color team put it, “That’s more than they gave Google.”

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How does a person become creative?

What does it take to nurture that gift rather than squelch it? How do you inspire someone to make the most of their talents?

Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising

Funniest thing online.


A short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity becomes contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment. The film attempts to understand the essence of influence, what makes a person influential without taking a statistical or metric approach.

Where we are headed.

Ray Ozzie, Soon-to-be-retired Chief Architect at Microsoft, published an internal memo identifying a pattern based on where the tech world is headed. His POV is on the world moving towards two categories of digital innovation: continuous services and connected devices.
Continuous services are “cloud-based agents” that bring together data to find insights and act on those implications based on our actions. Connected devices can take on many forms (i.e. mobile, embeddable sensors, etc.), and are used for “a broad variety of communications, creation & consumption tasks.”
Not new thoughts, but it really is a wonderfully clear viewpoint on digital. The power of APIs for instance is where today’s continuous services focus is. The next big thing for connected devices might be making your mobile phone a wallet for not just e-commerce but also brick-and-mortar purchases.

Via the Barbarian Blog.
Apple seems to be on the right track.

Sheena Iyengar on How We Choose

“A rose by any other name probably does look different and maybe even smells different.” says Sheena Iyengar, who has studied how we make choices — and how we feel about the choices we make. At TEDGlobal, she talks about both trivial decisions (Coke v. Pepsi) and profound ones, and shares her groundbreaking research that has uncovered some surprising findings about our attitudes towards choices. For instance, that when we’re presented with too many things to choose from, we tend not to choose anything at all. And that the American assumptions about choices are certainly not true in other cultures.