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30 Non-Flash Sites That Changed FWA in 2011

Up until February 2007, FWA had almost entirely been awarding Flash websites. For 7 years, every day, a new Site Of The Day (SOTD) was being announced and it was always, almost completely, Flash deployed. The team at Ogilvy Singapore changed everything when they submitted Levi’s Copper Jeans and it went on to win SOTD on 21st February 2007. This site still stands shoulder to shoulder with the best non-Flash sites of 2011 and will always stand out as the seed of change at FWA.

It all started in 2007.

ADC Young Guns 9

Winners announced! Includes Singapore’s very own Silnt. Congratulations Felix!

12 Trends from Cannes 2011

Complied by The Social Practice

Ogilvy Winners in Cannes


Government of India Ministry of Railways “Train” by Ogilvy Mumbai

Chief Creative Officer: Abhijit Avasthi/Rajiv Rao
Executive Creative Director: Ajay Gahlaut
Creative Director: Piyush Pandey/Sukesh Kumar Nayak/Heeral Akhaury
Copywriter: Piyush Pandey/Sukesh Kumar Nayak
Art Director: Heeral Akhaury
Account Supervisor: Sanjay Thapar/Ravi Adhikari
Producer: Sneha Iype Varma
Director: Prakash Varma
Music: Artist/Title: Taufiq Qureshi
Sound Design/Arrangement: Ishan Naik

“Chemical Reaction” Corporate Stationery by Ogilvy Tokyo

Executive Creative Director(s): Shingo Ichimura/David Morgan
Copywriter(s) : Batistuta Bazooka
Art Director(s) : Yasutaka Akagi

Public Health Bureau of Fengxian “Spit” by Ogilvy Shanghai

Executive Creative Director: Kevin Lee
Creative Director: Kevin Lee/Kit Ong/Kelvin Leong
Copywriter: Kit Ong/Adams Fan
Art Director: Xiao Kun/Siwen Bao/Deng Hua/Zhang Lei/Robin Wu/Kelvin Leong/Kevin Lee
Photographer: Adams Fan/Bai He
Producer: Aywei Wong/Hon Foong/Chye Yee
Designer: Nial/Deng Hua/Zhang Lei/Kelvin Leong/Kevin Lee

Pictionary “Wrestler/Jet Fighter/T-Rex by Ogilvy Kuala Lumpur

Group Executive Creative Director: Gavin Simpson
Executive Creative Director: Gavin Simpson
Creative Director: Gavin Simpson/Tan Chee Keong
Copywriter: Adam Chan/Tan Chee Keong/Donevan Chew
Art Director: Yee Wai Khuen/Tan Chee Keong/Gavin Simpson
Photographer: Studio DL
Typographer / Illustrator: Milx
Account Supervisor: Amy Yep/Joanne Lee
Account Manager: Sharon Khor
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Some Great Works from Cannes

Fosters Group “Slo mo” by BBDO Melbourne

Starhub “Musical Fitting Rooms” by DDB Singapore

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Cannes 2011 Grand Prix Winners

Nike “Write the Future” by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

“Decode Jay-Z with Bing” by Droga5 New York

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Media Lion Grand Prix Winner

B r i l l i a n t !

Steal Some Glory

Seven young people from Ogilvy offices across 2 continents – Asia & Latin America – are embarking on a mission: To transcend boundaries and bring Cannes to you. Steal Some Glory.

Scientifically proven system for creating award-winning ads

The present research suggests that successful advertisements share and are characterized by such abstract patterns termed creativity templates. The theoretical rationale for the emergence of such templates and the empirical studies that detect the key creativity templates underlying quality ads indicate that the templates are identifiable, objectively verifiable, and generalizable across multiple categories.


Best of the Digital Decade



Jim Hosking is a pleasant Englishman whose hilarious films have everything from talking moles (the ugly ones on your face, not the cute ones in the ground) to ass-mustaches, to black men in silly sailor suits with penchants for cake.

Official site. Vimeo channel.

Uniqlo Lucky Switch

Great concept and media strategy. Credit: DENTSU INC.

One Show 2010 Winners

One Show 2010 Winner for The American Legacy Foundation.

Cannes 2010 Winners

See all the winners of the The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2010.