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El Mac Singapore

So cool.


EVOL turns random street furniture into exact replicas of the estate where he lives in East Berlin and promises some kind of epic installation at the POW showrooms.

EVOL website.

Rockstar Designers

DKNG Studios created these beautiful videos out of the process of designing posters. Here are 2 examples.
For more info and pictures visit their blog or vimeo.

Wacom introduces Inkling

A new digital sketch pen that captures a digital likeness of your work while you sketch with its ballpoint tip on any sketchbook or standard piece of paper.

Available Mid-September.


Our Bloodstained Roof‘ is a beautiful comic by the very talented Ryan A. which you can read online on one long page. Please do check his other story ‘Nothing Is Forgotten‘ as well.

Knitted photographs using Processing

Stunning work by Pierre Commenge aka Emoc using Processing. View more at his Flickr stream.

I Have A Room With Everything

Held from 23 July to 5 August 2011 at Night & Day Gallery, ‘I HAVE A ROOM WITH EVERYTHING’ is the first graphic design exhibition in Singapore featuring some of the best existing as well as out-of-print material, to celebrate the true beauty of Print.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

New children’s e-book from Disney/Pixar animator is well-written, immersive, & brilliant.

The Art of Print

THEARTISTANDHISMODEL collects the best of Design.

Perspectives. Freely inspired by the new Moleskine collections

The new video from studio Neue Big, directed by Virgilio Villoresi is freely inspired by the new Moleskine collections, a full set of tools for accompaniying your everyday and extraordinary experiences.

Videomaker’s comment:

“The video was filmed with forced perspective and a number of small photographs have been employed to recreate scenes in depth of field. The actor finds himself in a world of photographs, miniature objects and in each scene he picks up an object from the new Moleskine collections that is camouflaged in the photographs.

Dan Tague folds dollar bills to form sentences.

Holy Shit!

Dancers Among Us


By Jordan Matter, dance in unexpected places. Stunning.

John Stezaker

Via why not?, John Stezaker ‘gives new meanings to old photographs and postcards.’

Fascinating how the mind wants to see faces in the superimposed postcards. Now we wait for this to be ripped off in print like the vinyl covers.

Midget & Giant

By Ryuji Nakamura via Today and Tomorrow—simple, and unexpected.



Throwing Water

From The Morning News, stunning.






In Shinchi Maruyama’s photographs, handfuls of water tossed into the air become flowerbeds or perfect cylinders. An amalgam of sculpture, performance, and photography, Mauyama’s work reveals how much beauty can occur in the blink of an eye.