Possibly the most epic Google Chrome Experiment ever!


Ramayana. A Traditional Story Now Made Interactive By Google Chrome
Indonesian culture is firmly rooted in its own brand of legends, myths and stories of long ago. So when Google decided to take on the giants and launch Chrome here with the message that Chrome is way more than your traditional browser, we saw an opportunity to tell that through a traditional story that resonates with Indonesian hearts – the epic tale of Ramayana*.

We re-told the story of Ramayana via a Chrome Experiment, integrating Chrome features and Google services like GTalk, Products, Weather and Maps through various scenes in the traditional story. The interactive experience also incorporated WebGL and HTML5 to demonstrate that Chrome is capable of more than just speed – it’s also powerful in security and stability.

*Passed down through ancient Sanskrit thousands of years ago, Ramayana is a magical tale that outlines the fight between good and evil. The legend of Ramayana still lives on in various forms across Asia today – from shadow puppets to water puppets to traditional dance performances.

Visit: www.ramaya.na
Case Study: www.our-work.info/ramayana

Original Concept, Adapted Screenplay & Research: Ogilvy Singapore
Design, Development & Production: Fantasy Interactive

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