From Creative Review:

“I recently rediscovered Lou’s work and realised what an amazing and influential designer he was,” explains Kemistry’s Graham McCallum of how the exhibition came about. “He was in at more or less the birth of television in the USA and throughout the sixties set a benchmark of excellence for future designers to aspire to,” he continues. “An all rounder he could turn his hand to any design problem, on or off screen. His advertising work for CBS in particular has that authentic ‘Mad Men’ feel about it and he was helped by having the perfect designer/client relationship with Dr. Frank Stanton, the president of the channel. Stanton was a man of vision and culture who gave Dorfsman his head. It is the results of their collaboration we want to celebrate in ‘Gastrotypographicalassemblage’ We feel this is a fitting tribute as Lou passed away in 2008 at age of 90.”


Love the centre piece with the quotation marks; and ‘This program is so beautiful, it has to die.’ (And when did headlines like this and long copy die?)

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