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Massimo Banzi: How Arduino is open-sourcing imagination

Possibly the best use of Pinterest we’ve seen so far.

uniqlo-hacks-pinterest-to-combat-scrolling-slumber-1 (1)

See how Uniqlo hacked Pinterest here.

Take a sneak peek at Web Lab – Google’s latest Chrome Experiment launching later this summer

Watch this for an optimistic Thursday.

Great Brands Are About Fusing Product And Service. How Do You Do It?

From Co.Design, good read.

Few others have architected the same control of their product ecosystem. Still, the takeaway is that all companies must adopt a focus on integrating brand with product and service. From those that do it well (Amazon, Tiffany & Co.) to those that still need fine-tuning (Facebook, Walmart), all brands are challenged to consistently deliver coherent and satisfying product and service experiences to customers.

Companies need to start thinking about the holistic experience between their brands, products, and services. Crafting an experience requires design that considers these three elements of brand, product, and service in order to generate successful results. Any company can be analyzed through these lenses to evaluate the experience it creates for its customers.

Put another way, a product is an experience that occurs in the moment. A service is a relationship that extends over time and across platforms and mediums. A brand is much more than the logo; it is the pattern our brains expect based on everything we have previously heard, seen, and felt. All of these components roll up into the larger experience.

a brand’s voice and promise should inform the products that are built and the surrounding services that are delivered to customers.

Melvin the Mini Machine

Spine TV

Hara Katsiki

From Beautiful/Decay

I’m extremely fascinated by old pictures. Especially from the Victorian era. With an almost automatic drawing i transform them in a strange and surreal world of a fusion of clandestine Voodoo, ancestral memory, and personal revelation. I give them life again through my imagination.
I’m like a medium. I allow my hand to move randomly ,expressing the subconscious so that the final result may reveal something of the psyche. I do not always look to tell a story or create meaning.
Sometimes by looking deeper you can find your own.

Mac vs PC

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