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Stocking is the New Planking

Find a nice stock photo and copy that. Stocking is the New Planking.

Wacom introduces Inkling

A new digital sketch pen that captures a digital likeness of your work while you sketch with its ballpoint tip on any sketchbook or standard piece of paper.

Available Mid-September.

Ok Go Rock The Muppets

Introducing Google Catalogs

You’d expect this from Apple, but Google just upped their game by releasing a Catalog app that aggregates the world’s leading retail brands into your tablets. A new interactive shopping experience with Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, Sephora and many many others.

The Mill Touch

Just lovely.

Diet Coke gets a new look

Adweek gets first peek at the new Diet Coke can design coming this fall.


Our Bloodstained Roof‘ is a beautiful comic by the very talented Ryan A. which you can read online on one long page. Please do check his other story ‘Nothing Is Forgotten‘ as well.


Great ad for Nike Running. Quite bold – aligning the product with drug induced high. But ‘Good Stuff’.

New Balance Urban Dash App

Similar idea to the MINI Getaway, New Balance has this new campaign to promote their first flagship store in New York.

The ARG based concept drives traffic to store by creating a city-wide ‘urban dash’, challenging players to find hundreds of virtual batons throughout New York, before running to the new flagship store while still in possession of that baton.


“An openly experimental newsroom,” Beta620 is the New York Times’ new platform for interactive and other projects, suggesting a new, unprecedented level of transparency for the brand.

Operation Facebook, Nov 5 2011 – hd video from Anonymous

TabCo Tomorrow

For those of you following the TabCo Adventure, tomorrow will unveil the true genesis. You can go here to learn more

1960′s Anita Bryant Anti Drug Campaign with LEGOSs !!


3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage… all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ….into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films…..

= a trip of a lifetime.

Commissioned by STA Travel Australia.

Hi, my name is Sergio and I think you’re Perfect.

Check this out.

So, apparently, Japanese girls are all over this ( figuratively ).Virtual boyfriends have received and amazing amount of traffic, spawning similar girlfriend sites as well.