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Power of Palindrome

We MUST work with Soldado.

The Mobile Movement by Google

Social meets bottle opener

Heineken created a bottle opener that automatically connects to Facebook and creates an event at your location every time you open a beer. Love it!

What happens when you introduce the Kinect to Machinima?

It’s like having a homebrew Avatar rig.

Don’t get “siloed” to death

John Jay (W+K) talks about his creative process. Produced by Fast Company.

A night out without consequences.

Another great idea from students in Holland. Looks like it might be trend to feature student work on this blog.

You look dumber with your mouth open..

Google Rent Project

We had a similar idea for the burgeoning property market in Singapore. Great start by students Gabriel Kolisch and Isabelle Pipitone.

The Pitch

The Pitch: The Game of Graphic Design by Fatimah Kabba. Finally, we can put away Monopoly.

iPad games for your cat…

Friskies® is excited to feed your cats’ senses with three new games made just for cats.

Really??!! On brand though…

Cuban Council 1911

The now legendary Cuban Council returns with a brand new site. I used to visit the news aggregator k10k when I started my career. Awesome to find out today that they designed the Facebook logo.

Specializing in handcrafted quality with meticulous attention to detail, the SF/NY group has relaunched their own website, leading with the notion that the company has been making websites since 1911. – Cuban Council @thefwa

Always good to have choices

The fear of failure

To promote their graduation exhibition in May, students from Berghs School of Communication invited leading figures in the creative world to discuss their ‘fear of failure’. Via CR Blog.

Milton Glaser

Paulo Coelho

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Get a little Camper weather

Have a Camper Day is a great little campaign site from Camper, created by Herraiz Soto & Co, that aims to make you laugh in the face of any weather system.

It’s a simple site, but beautifully crafted, also available as a lovely little app. And if nothing else, it’ll help you to choose the right shoes to put on that day!