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Dancers Among Us


By Jordan Matter, dance in unexpected places. Stunning.

eCoupled: Wireless electricity in product packaging

Oh god please let this be regulated if the technology becomes mass. All we need are product packaging flashing at us on the aisles—it’s gonna be like the tag all over again.

LinkedIn meets Facebook

BranchOut works much like LinkedIn – users can post work histories, they can connect to other users on a professional basis (keeping those kegstand pictures private), and they can search for friends and friends-of-friends working at specific companies. But there’s one major difference. BranchOut is built on top of Facebook, and CEO Rick Marini believes that is what will give it both the scale and virality needed to become tops in the online career networking business.

How does a person become creative?

What does it take to nurture that gift rather than squelch it? How do you inspire someone to make the most of their talents?

Dead Island

A fantastic trailer for upcoming zombie game Dead Island (warning: graphic violence. HD recommended.)

Ass Cam

Rear View Girls Experiment by Levi’s. Cute.

Behind the Behind Scenes:

Rihanna kicks off 2011′s viral video race with a palindrome

The creators of this new video for Rihanna’s Reb’l Fleur fragrance are hoping for the video to reach twenty million viewers – a lofty goal, when you note that the top two videos last year’s most buzzed-about viral campaign from Old Spice had just over twenty-nine million and eighteen-million viewers, respectively.

However the goal doesn’t seem quite as high when you look at the views for Volkswagen’s popular Darth Vader commercial – which hit twenty-nine million in under two weeks, according to CNN. Pop stars also do extremely well in terms of views – Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s recent ‘Telephone’ music video has reached over one hundred and six million views.

The video is being called palindromic. A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction, and the video aims to end where it begins – which is doesn’t really do, but we see what they are getting at. Depending on where you move the cursor (on the official fragrance page, not the YouTube clip below), you will see a spruced-up Rihanna or her evil twin.

Have a look at the video here:

The 2011 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company


Pattex Glue

Simple and effective.

John Stezaker

Via why not?, John Stezaker ‘gives new meanings to old photographs and postcards.’

Fascinating how the mind wants to see faces in the superimposed postcards. Now we wait for this to be ripped off in print like the vinyl covers.

Levi’s Chambray x Opening Ceremony

Brilliant. A sweet execution of the Rube Goldberg machine or domino effect popularised by OK GO and Google Chrome Experiment videos.

Midget & Giant

By Ryuji Nakamura via Today and Tomorrow—simple, and unexpected.



Skin Flicks (SFW).

Self-promotional viral film for Skin Flicks. A new production company in London.

Creative Review – Gunn Report …

Creative Review – Gunn Report 2010

Creative Review – Gunn Report …

Creative Review – Gunn Report 2010