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Strange Rain

From Creative Applications.


Created by Operton and Erik Loyer, Strange Rain turns your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a skylight on a rainy day. Raindrops fall and splatter on your screen, shifting perspective as you tilt your device. Touch the screen and guide the path of the raindrops, stepping through the notes of an eerie melody as you go. It’s a relaxing, intriguing experience that feels as if you’re holding a living window in your hands.

The more you touch, however, the more strange the rain becomes: layered skies, visual anomalies and shifts in speed and color, even the occasional cataclysm if you’re not careful. Before your eyes and beneath your fingers, the familiar becomes strange, and the strange, familiar.

Word Lens

This can’t possibly be as good as it looks … but damn!

Could you be a failure?


Clearly not quantatively proven but I <3 infographics.

The new Flipboard

Awesome doesn’t begin to describe the awesomeness that is FLUD –

Featured as the Best New News App – Apple

Filmography 2010

Amazing feat of editing.

Most Contagious 2010

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Chrono Cubism


sir Sampleton

Via Creative Applications.




Beautiful analog interface on the iPhone app sir Sampleton.

Scientifically proven system for creating award-winning ads

The present research suggests that successful advertisements share and are characterized by such abstract patterns termed creativity templates. The theoretical rationale for the emergence of such templates and the empirical studies that detect the key creativity templates underlying quality ads indicate that the templates are identifiable, objectively verifiable, and generalizable across multiple categories.


Best of the Digital Decade