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The Creators Project

If anyone happens to be in Beijing for the weekend …

Mang Mang – Lie

More at NeochaEDGE.

Using a variety of expressions, props, and movements, Shanghai-based shooter Mang Mang’s latest work explores feminine emotions through a series titled “Lie.” Can you name each of the emotions portrayed?

OmmWriter 2.0 – Dāna

A wise man once said “We are all at the mercy of our wild monkey minds. Incessantly swinging from branch to branch.” With multiple windows and applications all vying for our attention, we have sadly adapted our working habits to that of the computer and not the other way around.

OmmWriter Dana is a humble attempt to recapture what technology has snatched away from us today: our capacity to concentrate.

If you are a scriptwriter, blogger, journalist, copywriter, poet or just someone who enjoys writing, welcome back to concentrating.

Agency: Herraiz Soto & Co.

Uniqlo Lucky Counter

From PSFK:

A current campaign by retailer Uniqlo encourages site visitors to Tweet about featured items they’re interested in – in turn, the price of the product will be reduced. The promotional site features about 10 items, along with the price and by how much it has been discounted thus far. A special price will be announced on September 9th for redemption and purchase on Uniqlo’s UK website (which currently only ships within the UK).

Another hit from Uniqlo for the UK. Mass orders for discounts is a common online behaviour on forums but this gives it a fun social media twist with easy user participation: A Social Sale?

Visit the website here.


Beautifully shot, a different insight and strategy for Ikea from Mother London. The campaign comes with a YouTube channel and a  Facebook page. Online, the campaign cleverly leverages people’s love for, and the interweb’s obsession with, cats: Facebook Likes at 4,982 and counting.

UNIQLO: Lucky Machine Campaign [UK]

UNIQLO are promoting the launch of the UK’s new online store with a virtual pinball machine that is socially connected.  They are known for their digital campaigns and this one again hits the mark,a seriously simple pinball machine that racks up some great brand engagement time over the campaign! Uniqlo: Lucky Machine Campaign Microsite
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Introducing the Comcast iPad Remote.

Looks very cool. Though the feature to swap the stream from the TV to the iPad would be even better. Comcast, please create a pay for TV, get access to the same shows on the iPad/Web program. :)

Some Car on Car action.

Subservient Bear & His Hunter

Copycat? A Tribute? Call it what you want. It’s fun nonetheless. Try “LOVE”.

The Wilderness Downtown
Choreographed windows, interactive flocking, custom rendered maps, real-time compositing, procedural drawing, 3D canvas rendering… this Chrome Experiment has them all. “The Wilderness Downtown” is an interactive interpretation of Arcade Fire’s song “We Used To Wait” and was built entirely with the latest open web technologies, including HTML5 video, audio, and canvas.