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Everything Ages Fast

These posters are part of an ad campaign entitled “Everything Ages Fast,” designed by Moma Propaganda and created for client Maximidia Seminars.

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Urban Amber by Han Bing

Urban Amber by Han Bing
In Urban Amber, Han Bing’s visual interventions also raise questions about the paradoxes of desire. Desire for Han Bing is an irreducibly bifurcated modality, that is, it has powerful manifestations and effects that can be both beautiful and poisonous. In his conceptual photography series of single-exposure images, Urban Amber, this paradox takes on a different form. The spectre of glamorous high-rises, those icons of middle-class China’s dreams of home and a better life, are juxtaposed to the rundown, temporary dwellings of the urban poor living in their shadows. These fantasy high-rises appear resplendent and dream-like until you realize that their inverted images are reflected in Beijing’s ubiquitous, industrial-waste and garbage-infested “stinky rivers.” Like amber, these rivers capture the sediment of the times, showing us through a mirror darkly, the underbelly of China’s fantasy of modernity.

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Night Lights

Hellicar & Lewis produced and art directed a large scale interactive installation for the rebrand of NZ Telecom at the Ferry Building, Auckland, New Zealand.

Hellicar & Lewis.

The Perrier Manson

The Perrier Mansion. Dita Von Teese invites you to a private experience at the Perrier Manson.
By Ogilvy Paris.

The World’s First Donation-Based Film

A Girl Story. The world’s first donation-based film series. The story only progresses when users donate, unlocking new chapters in a seamless chain of YouTube videos.