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Augmented City (3D glasses required)

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet

You wake up and check your email on your bedside iPad – that’s one app. During breakfast you browse Facebook, Twitter, and The New York Times – three more apps. On the way to the office, you listen to a podcast on your smartphone. Another app. At work, you scroll through RSS feeds in a reader and have Skype and IM conversations. More apps. At the end of the day, you come home, make dinner while listening to Pandora, play some games on Xbox Live, and watch a movie on Netflix’s streaming service.

You’ve spent the day on the Internet – but not on the Web. And you are not alone.

Find out who’s to blame at WIRED.

Animated gifs paranoia.

Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper who claims not to be artists, created these fantastic animations about the life of an designer.


Jim Hosking is a pleasant Englishman whose hilarious films have everything from talking moles (the ugly ones on your face, not the cute ones in the ground) to ass-mustaches, to black men in silly sailor suits with penchants for cake.

Official site. Vimeo channel.

The Art of the Title Sequence.

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Transforming a geiser in Portugal into an installation.

Very cool!

How to seamlessly integrate an experiential event with Facebook.

Chatroulette anyone?

Your body is the controller.

Coming soon on Xbox Kinect.
Kinect is a controller-free gaming experience by Microsoft for Xbox 360.

Described by Microsoft personnel as the primary innovation of Kinect, the software technology enables advanced gesture recognition, facial recognition, and voice recognition. According to information supplied to retailers, the Kinect is capable of simultaneously tracking up to six people, including two active players for motion analysis with a feature extraction of 20 joints per player.

Yes Yes Y’all

With more people experiencing the web on TV and TV on the web, Yes Yes Y’all is one of the first passive experience online. The site resembles what MTV once represented, a fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.

Rebranding America with Obama Dollar Bill?

More here. Via FastCo.

Logan Reel 2010

The latest reel from the always amazing LOGAN.

The Ted Commandments in Advertising.

The formula that makes Ted so successful will work for your ad campaigns too. The Ted rules don’t just apply when speaking to Ted audiences, but to all. Follow the Ted Commandments in your next ad campaign and you’ll be assured of followers.

And when it comes to presenting your idea to clients, there’s also much to be learned from Ted talks. In a nutshell: Don’t talk for more than 18 minutes. Keep your central idea simple. Be visual. Use big pictures. Ban bullet points. Write no more than a few words on a slide. And remember to flatter your audience.

Pencil Sculptures

Dalton J. Paul Getty spend months turning ordinary pencils into incredible miniature sculptures.

After Hours Athlete